Ambulance service came to Marlton, N.J. in 1942 with the creation of the Marlton Ambulance Association. The service's first ambulance, a converted 1942 Ford, is shown below. An arrangement was made with the Evesham School Board to house the ambulance in the District's school bus garage.  In 1950 the Association requested the Marlton Fire Company take responsibility of the service. This was approved in September 1952 and the service became known as Marlton First Aid Squad.The Squad's second ambulance was purchased from Haddonfield in October, 1952 to replace the converted Ford.
A History of ...
               Marlton First Aid Squad
                     by John S. Flack, Jr.
    Nine of the 15 members of the squad pose with their 1964 Challenger ambulance (left) and 1958 Cadillac in 1966. Left to Right: Bill McNaul, Cliff Tarpy, Tom LaRosa, Dick Spargo, Tom Bird, Lou Gravinese, Henry Haines, Cecil Gilmore, Stan Rabinowitz.

   At this time the squad had the capacity to transport seven stretcher patients at one time. The nearest hospitals then were Cherry Hill Hospital and Burlington County Memorial in Mt. Holly.
    A patient is loaded into the squad's 1964 Chevorlet Challenger. The members shown are Len Goodrich and Jay Farrow.
   This building, located behind the original Marlton firehouse, was headquarters of the Squad during the early 1970's. The 1964 Chevorlet Challenger Rescue-all and 1970 Cadillac Superior ambulances are shown. About this time the squad seperated from the fire department and incorporated as a seperate entity.

    In 1972, women were admitted as members for the first time.
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  This is an unofficial page dedicated as a tribute to EMS service in Marlton NJ. Being unofficial it is not connected with Evesham Fire-Rescue, the current provider of EMS in Marlton/Evesham NJ. It is part of a series of Webpages created by the author that cover Evesham history and nostalgia.

Febuary, 1972 drill conducted by the Squad
    Listen to A dispatch for Marlton First Aid Squad from Burlington County Central,  received on a Plectron R8200. (.wav file)
1961 photo of the Main Street firehouse showing the squad's 1958 Cadillac ambulance
  From 1966 to 1978, the Squad's calls were received and  dispatched by the Evesham Police Department. This 1971 photo shows police dispatcher Nancy Gallagher using the then newly installed Plectron Alerting Radio System for this purpose.

  The Squad was then dispatched by Burlington County Central Communications, which continues today.
    Squad member Thomas Bird receives the call on his Plectron R720 receiver - which could be plugged in or taken portable on rechargeable batteries.
    When the County took over dispatching, these receivers were replaced with pocket Motorloa Pagecom pagers.
   As Evesham Township began to grow in the late 1950's and 1960's the Squad saw an increase in calls. In 1953, the squad answered 42 calls - averaging two calls a month. In 1965, 311 calls were responded to - several calls a day became the norm. Even with the increase in calls the squad's membership size remained about the same.
  Clockwise from left: squad's 1970 Cadillac ambulance, shoulder patch, Plectron Alert receiver, rig 2293 - the squad's last Cadillac, headquarters at  129 East Main Street.
   I made a video demonstrating Ambulance and Fire dispatching in Evesham before going to Burlington County Central Communications...VIEW VIDEO (on YouTube)
    This 1964 Chevorlet Challenger Ambulance was the first ambulance purchased new by the Squad.
Courtesy Evesham Historical Society.
Courtesy Evesham Historical Society.